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2018’s Biggest Tech Trends

12th January 2018

Change is the only constant in life. It’s hard to dispute this fact considering how technology continues to revolutionize the way we do things in modern society.

Technology simplifies the way we run our lives. It is human nature to use tools to make tasks easier. And man has made use of tools ever since the dawn of time.

Not only do we use technology to make our work easier, but we also use it for personal entertainment.

Take the radio for example, for it to gather a following of 50 million users, it took well over 38 years.

But how about the good old television?

Well, that did it in 13 years. Facebook did it in 3.5.

Do you see what we are on about?

The internet is yet another technological advancement that influences our modern lives.

Likewise, if we were to list names of technology that have become massive in business, ach payments processing tools would probably pop up several times. In terms of receiving payments from customers and processing payroll securely, they have proven invaluable.

But it is by far not the only one. So, let us take a look at some of the biggest trends to watch out for in 2018.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Business

Artificial intelligence is not a new term. We’ve all heard tech nerds talk about automation and robotics and even how robots could walk amongst humans in the future.

However, artificial intelligence hasn’t really developed to these levels. We still need engineers with advanced artificial intelligence degrees to make this dream a reality.

But I’ll tell you where the advancement is currently at.

AI is being used in business to help automate processes and make running the business much more efficient.

In fact, one of the quickest and surest ways to get your startup funded is to market it as an AI business.

Investors are viewing artificial intelligence in business as a positive thing owing to the higher profits that may be realized from automating business processes.

2. IOT or the Internet of Things

When we talk about technological advancements and the internet, we naturally think of the obvious gadgets such as computers and smartphones.

However, there is more to this.

Now, the internet and connectivity are being embedded in many different items from cars to kitchen appliances.

The internet of things simply means that the technology will be a part of almost all devices that we use. In this way, we gain better access and can overcome some of the limitations and inconveniences of our everyday lives.

At the end of the day, it’s all about different sensors collecting information to make lives easier.

3. Enhancing Cybersecurity

Yet another problem on the rise for quite some time now is the issue of hackers gaining access to personal information. Such stories are popular in the news and we’ve all heard of a company where information was breached and had to pay hefty amounts in damages not to mention the blow to its reputation.

The main factor is technological advancements. Most people have spent considerable time working on new technology that security has been left behind.

So how can we deal with the rising trend in cybersecurity?

Well, we can start by implementing the latest software and ensuring the systems are updated. In most cases, the hackers gain access through older program versions.

There’s also the factor of implementing security measures across different platforms that your company’s infrastructure operates on. Computer networks, mobile networks, as well as mobile apps need to be regularly tested for weaknesses and areas of improvement. Having a secure mobile app, website, and system would significantly reduce the chances of cyberattacks.

In conclusion, tech is becoming more and more spread out each year, with intelligent and sophisticated programs being developed by companies as well as individuals. This puts businesses at a competitive disadvantage, and they have to play catch-up fast or risk becoming obsolete.

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